Improving Health Literacy and Peace of Mind

Posted November 17, 2014

We told you we had big news, and now our big announcement is here.

Knowing that medication management is one of the biggest barriers for seniors when it comes to successful independent living, we’ve joined forces with TriHealth Senior Services.

MedaCheck and TriHealth’s partnership will enable seniors to extend their time aging in-home, with more confidence, and with greater education around their daily medication regimen.

“TriHealth and MedaCheck coming together for better senior care and support is a major milestone for establishing better transitions and improved outcomes,” says our CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Shepard.

Implementing an unprecedented telehealth program such as the TriHealth/MedaCheck partnership, right here in Southwest Ohio, is part of why the MedaCheck team is so thrilled.

It also speaks to the region’s commitment to delivering innovative, team-oriented, better quality of care.

How MedaCheck Fits in with Aging in Place

Once a dedicated MedaCheck tablet is ordered, a senior is set up so that all her medications, nutritional supplements, and even daily vitamins are tracked. MedaCheck’s Medical Application Platform, also known as MAP, is what holds all the ongoing, unique data specific to each patient.

MedaCheck then reminds a senior when it is time to take their medication. The seniors’ dedicated device will notify them, show a large and clear photo of the specific medication, as well as any notes they may have specific to taking that medication.

In this way, MedaCheck is able to better manage how complex (or changing) medications should be administered.

Now that her medication has been taken, the senior is able to indicate that she has taken her medication. If she forgets whether or not she has taken her medication, she can see that she already has at that point in the day.

“In this way, seniors are informed and educated,” says our CEO.

“They have greater peace of mind, not worrying if they have, or have not, taken their medication. On top of this, formal or family caregivers have greater peace of mind knowing they have indeed taken their medication,” adds Dr. Shepard.

The opportunity to implement medication monitoring and support through telemedicine technology is just as exciting to the TriHealth Senior Services team.

“We’re now able to offer a process that’s more than just an alarm for seniors—it’s actually acting as behavioral support for them each day,” adds Lori Aronson, Director of Senior Services at TriHealth.

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