Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy This Winter

Posted January 17, 2018

Red, cracked, itchy, irritated, dry skin.

We all know that terrible, painful feeling of winter skin. No matter how much hand lotion you lather on, it never seems to be enough. The harsh winter air takes its toll and your skin suffers the consequences. Taking care of your skin during the winter isn’t always easy; nonetheless, it is very important. Your skin helps to protect your body from many bacteria and viruses. Having healthy skin also protects your body’s cells and various functions.

How to help protect your skin

  1. Moisturize

    Moisturization is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer, but it is important to note that you can not always use the same butters and creams in the winter that you do in the summer. Look for lotions that are more oil based, there are non-clogging oils you can use for your face. You want to stick with lotions that have more gentle ingredients for your face and hands. For your feet however, it is best you use stronger lotions that contain ingredients such as petroleum jelly.

  2. Use Sunscreen

    This is no joke! Sunscreen can actually be very helpful during winter. The sun still shines during the winter and when you combine that with the extra glare of the snow, your skin is at just as much risk for sun damage as it is in the summer. If you’re spending any extended length of time outside, you should make sure to cover any exposed skin with sunscreen.

  3. Avoid Overheating

    When it’s freezing out, it’s only natural to get inside, crank up the heat, light a fire, and soak in a hot bath. However, overdoing it with too much heat can actually be harmful to your skin. Your skin has protective barriers in it, and when your skin is exposed to too much heat, those barriers break down. This can cause you to lose moisture in your skin, which leads to it drying out. You are better off bathing in lukewarm water, for a shorter period of time.

If these tips are not enough and you still experience intense dry and irritated skin, it may be time you see your doctor or a dermatologist. They can help you to diagnose the real issue and prescribe something that will work better than ordinary lotions. At the very least, they can help you to better plan out your skincare regimen, and how to work towards making sure you have healthy skin.

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