Make Healthy Choices and Stay Active This Winter

Posted December 20, 2017

Leave the bowl-full-of-jelly belly to Santa!

Maintaining healthy habits in the winter can be difficult–especially during the holidays. We’re surrounded by delicious foods, and sometimes all that sounds tolerable is snuggling up under a pile of blankets. Hitting the gym and getting our greens in is (usually) the last thing on our mind.

Not only is it difficult to find the time in our busy schedules, but it can be difficult to find the motivation as well.

####How Can You Maintain Healthy Eating Habits?

Eating right plays a key role in staying healthy during the winter. We’ve got a few tips to help keep you on track this holiday season.

  1. Find healthy alternatives

    Finding a healthier alternative to your favorite holiday foods is a great way to allow yourself to enjoy them without suffering much consequence. For example, candied yams are always a holiday crowd pleaser, but try swapping them out for roasted sweet potatoes this year instead. Dark meat has about twice as much fat, so look towards white meat.

  2. Portioning

    How much you eat of something makes a more of a difference than you might think. The holidays are a special time, so you shouldn’t feel guilty for indulging a little. If you’re worried about how much to have, stick with just a taste or a sample size. If there are three different pies and you want to try them all, only get a few bites worth of each pie, rather than an entire slice.

  3. Drink lots of fluids

    And by fluids, we’re talking water here. Everyone loves a cup of holiday cheer this time of year, but it’s still important to stay hydrated. Don’t forget to take a water break every now and again in between those sips of wine!

It’s Not All About Your Food Choices

Exercising is important anytime of the year, but especially when you’re stocking up on holiday goodies. However, when it gets so cold outside, it’s difficult to find the motivation to get up, get out, and be active. So what can you do to get some motivation?

  1. ######Change your way of thinking Look at exercising during winter from a different perspective. It make seem like you can’t do much outside when it’s cold and snowing. But in reality there is so many new things that you couldn’t do during the summer. You would be surprised how much of a workout you can get during the wintertime.

  2. Change your routine

    Get creative and try something new. Whether you create your own workout routine you can do at home or join a winter sport, see what you can come up with. Look at what is happening in your community. This time of year there are tons of ice skating rinks and other fun attractions open. Go out and see what you can find!

  3. Make it fun

    As mentioned before, there are tons of ways you can get active but having fun is the most important thing. Look at your winter workout as playing and it is sure to improve your attitude and experience. Playing in the snow take way more effort and energy than you would think. Channel your inner child and have some fun. Get out there and build a snowman or have a snowball fight. The snow may be around for awhile, but those pound will melt away.

Let Us Join Your Support System

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