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Medacheck’s Titan offers a HIPAA compliant solution that enables healthcare organizations and business’s looking to enter the Health IT market with great ideas, the ability to easily store data in a secure and cost effective environment.

Titan allows Health IT companies the ability to properly store biomedical data for operations in terms of health care adherence.

Titan offers a complete application suite that allows our clients to customize their functionalities based on their needs.

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Titan is a viable solution for several types of users

Clinical use

Our software provides a platform independent user interface that will assist in the workflow of a clinical environment.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Titan is the perfect solution for medical device manufacturers seeking a HIPAA compliant platform.

Software companies

Software companies with cutting edge technology that are looking to take the next step and accelerate their growth.

Research Organizations

Organizations such as Hospitals, Universities, Doctor’s offices, etc. Looking to conduct a clinical trial to collect data can take advantage of Titan.
The purpose of Titan is to take what we have learned over the past seven years and productize it into a health enterprise platform that can bring great benefit to the Health IT community.

Steve Buck, CTO

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Dr. Shepard is a career entrepreneur. He has created or been involved with over a dozen start-up companies for over 25 years that have built foundations changing the world we live in. He has created companies in real estate development and management, acoustical design, healthcare, global logistics, and software development.




Steve has over 20 years of experience in software development, design and architecture. He has been a part of a wide variety of organizations from small businesses to dot-com startups to multi-billion dollar companies. Steve has also worked in a multitude of sectors including news, healthcare, data processing, payroll, imaging and systems engineering.