Never forget to take your medication again.

Available for iOS and Android, MedaCheck makes sure you take the right dose, at the right time, every time.

Download Medacheck for Iphone
Download Medacheck for Android

How it Works

Download the App

Just download the app and login with the credentials or code provided by your caregiver

Enter your medications

Enter Medication Schedule

All prescription and OTC medications are input to your profile through our secure web app and immediately downloaded when you sign into the mobile app.

We’ll Alert Your Care Team

If you miss one of your medication reminders, we can alert your care team.

MedaCheck on a phone

Once you purchase your MedaCheck device or download the app, you or your caregiver can enter all your medications.

Now ongoing alerts from your MedaCheck device will tell you when it’s time to take your medication.

When it is time to take your medication, directions for how to take each drug, and large photos of your medication are displayed.

If you miss a dosage, you can receive a reminder text or a call from the MedaCheck care team. Your caregiver or clinician can also be alerted (text, email, or call) that you haven’t taken your medication.

What You Get With MedaCheck

Alarm Reminders

Including visuals of each medication

Personalized Reminders

For unlimited number of prescription medications or OTC drugs

Follow-up Calls

Including visuals of each medication

Secure and Private

Fully HIPAA compliant platform

Notifications For Contacts

If you miss a dosage

Multiple Formats

Standalone device or mobile app